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2016 Update from Robert Strutin, IMU Studios, iPlayMore, Friends and Family

2016 has been a creative and productive year!  It started with a focus on recording new songs in a new system or “pipeline” I’ve developed.  Using just a small 1080p action video camera, I was able to capture new songs as I composed them without any long cumbersome setups.  I made it the first thing I did every day.  Write at least one new song and capture it before I started work on my computer.   Some days it was more, as the creativity really flowed.  This has always been my dream, to have a recording studio and make music.

Then, with a single showing of our family’s rental suites in Nelson to a local real estate investor, my “job and income” suddenly ended!  This turned out to be a real blessing in disguise, but I wouldn’t know that for a while.  I was free of having to do extra yard work on my shopping visits to Nelson, while I was on call 24/7 for 5 rental suites.  The pay was good, but still low, so all things here moved slowly.

My parents decided to have me develop the empty lot next to mine in Balfour and use my “share” of the rental company to put up a second rental home here.  This was a lot of work and planning.  From April 2016 until the place was finally rented on October 1st, we tore up the road and installed underground power, water, cable, and natural gas pipelines.  The delays on moving the modular home here and in the complexity of the setup, and the outrageous expenses now associated with land development and permits, were unbelievable.  Thankfully, Lorri and Keith stepped up and covered what I could not (most of it).

What finally transpired is a beautiful 3-Bedroom home, with vaulted ceilings, 2-full bathrooms with 6-appliances and a kitchen to die for.   Like always, it seemed like we were going to be unable to rent the home to a good tenant, but finally, the right tenant from Edmonton applied and we both soon discovered our love of music.  Linda has deep emotional recordings she has done in one take of her songs on her iPhone uploaded to YouTube, and it was like I knew who she was before I met her.  What she didn’t have access to, is a professional recording studio, and that is exactly what I have got set up here.

As much as I could, every moment I was not putting the home together next door, or showing potential tenants, or planning, emailing, calling or directing someone about the development, I was “Sequencing” or “Programming” my original music into my studio.  I took an ordered list all of the raw songs I composed, and then I figured out the timing (how fast the song is) and the chords I used, and I put the structure into the song template I developed over 8-months (X 300 songs now, this has saved me years of work on each song!)

Weeks of organizing all the songs into 30-song Andrew Lloyd Webber types of shows that I will license others to perform.  This next show will be called JOY in Denial, (since conflict is the heartbeat of a play).  From that I created the first Album of 10-songs and that is what I have been recording.  This fall I got out the electric and acoustic guitars and the bass and recorded the next 10-song set I want to release.  Then, using all my story research and character development, I wrote a story outline that went over the entire 30-songs.  Then composing vocal melodies over the rough mixes that I edited (some voice, some on the guitar) until I had deep, lasting, mesmerizing melodies for these songs!  Slowly, I began turning those melodies into story lyrics.  I was so excited!  A singer next door, and this amazing music to complete…

Two things presented themselves at this point.  One, my computer was not powerful enough to mix the songs, because like the old days of having hundreds of rack-mounted processors to make the music sound like a professional record, I have all of those rack items now digitally.  The benefit is that I can put any one item, repeatedly over 100’s of recorded tracks, I don’t need to own 100 of them.

Now, thousands of these “plug-ins” are at my fingertips, however, I am stuck.  Then the solution presented itself in a somewhat expensive and complex matter.  Server Motherboards (or super computers) can take 4-Processors (with 16-cores each) (instead of one with 8-cores), 16 ram slots X 16 gig ram sticks for a total of 256 Ram, and a PCIe SSD or solid state drive that runs literally 66-times fast than the SATA SSD I have in my current PC.  So I saved my money up, and I have begun to buy these “super PC” parts so I can build this 64-core monster computer that will not only run my recording studio with ease so I can mix the songs like a professional studio, it will also produce 4K-Videos so we can be up on the next technology jump.

The new PC was to be up by December so I could record, mix and master the new album and get it out for Christmas.  But something else transpired!

I always wanted to broadcast my video gaming as a live stream and easily create content for my online social channels.   I have been doing that, sharing my gaming relax time since October of 2015.  YouTube started flagging my videos saying I was streaming the music from the game I was playing and I would have to share my ad revenue.  So I thought, well this isn’t worth much now, but if I keep building these channels it will be worth a lot to give up half to another composer (top YouTubers make from $50K to $250K per month) , so I turned off the game music and played my own song that I composed for our own video game.  People loved it and my networks grew to almost 200 followers on Twitch and almost 400 on YouTube and over 17,000 views on YouTube alone!  This is all organic, not marketed or shared with partners yet.  Viewers type text, and see it and I talk live and I kept releasing more songs and talking about our video game.  We now have 37-more of these new high-energy songs composed just for our video game.  During this time, I unboxed 1588 free cases I saved up in the game Dirty Bomb, these are character sets that I am unlocking (3-of them very rare).  My viewers told me to do separate unboxing videos, and they sure were right!

At the peak time of my broadcast, I had over 50 people watching me live at once!  But that wasn’t the miracle.  What happened after that event, brought our new game development team to me, who have all signed our pre-funding agreements and our THUNDER video game is back in production!  In fact, I am so busy giving assignments, leading the team, and answering emails that I have no time to work on the music!

Now the video game novel I previously wrote, Supernova THUNDER is in the capable hands of our new writer/editor who will refine it into a completed product.  Our old prototype is getting updated to function on current computer monitors so the new teams can test and broadcast what the old team accomplished.  We are creating a mobile app now that I designed that will allow people to buy and sell our virtual goods online (this is where the big money is) and we already have access to the most beautiful game engine in the world to develop our new game on.  This news is so massive, that I cannot possibly describe it all here.

We are on the verge of being partnered with one of the biggest (and nicest) company in the world.  They have stepped into the video gaming market, given us millions of dollars of tools and cloud-servers we need to make and play our game and saved us years of painful development, and video game publishers (that used to be our only option).

I just got a call from a very good business mentor of mine, and he is closing 3-multi-million dollar capital funds to fund various projects.  I could not have got our business and marketing plans ready at a better time.  2017 is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting years I could ever imagine!  I am way over the moon!  I hope you are well and that this news brings joy to your heart!  Never give up on the good things you believe in.  Love and Merry Christmas!  ~Robert

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  • Henrique
    Dec 20, 2016 4:40 am

    I really hope that everything works out in 2017! I’m very excited and happy that Thunder is rising! Merry Christmas, and 2017 will certainly be an amazing year!