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A-Wildcat Ultra Reach Dream Guitars

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A-WildCat Ultra Reach Dream Guitars

A-WildCat ultra-reach Dream Guitar

Designed many years ago, the creation and manufacturing of this Guitar represents a dream coming true

I have been playing old crummy guitars since I was 10-years-old.  It was bad, yet actually… by being more difficult to play; bad guitars made me try harder.  At 17 and 18, I was so obsessed with this deep understanding that somehow the guitar was the key to my future that I practiced 8-hours a day for about 2 years.  During that first year of playing so much, I designed A-WildCat, a custom dream guitar that has a cut away better than a Flying V Guitar.

Unlike a V though, you can still play A-WildCat on your knee when seated, due to the curve, which is very important to practice and especially vital for accurately recording music.  Over the last 4 years, using my acquired digital art skills, I have redesigned A-WildCat a number of times on my Music PC to present publicly.


A-Wildcat Ultra Reach Dream Guitar

Ultra-Reach Dream Guitar

This is the slick evolution of the guitar into something sleeker and faster, with growls and snarls that are bigger, more emotional, with grander overtones in its voice.

A-WildCat Guitar Benefits:  18-Items, key benefits which of 15-Items are unique to this guitar design.

What you cannot do yet, is hear this guitar, as it does not exist.

Imagine a guitar neck that continued up into the back of the body of the guitar without the body obstruction of all guitars made today that halt the motion of your thumb behind the neck and force you to bring your whole hand to the front of the guitar.  A-WildCat allows you to smoothly tone those incredible notes, slides, and bring imagined melodies to life.  I need A-WildCat to show you, and that is why I am here posting this message.

Kickstarter is the solution

Today that starts with this guitar.


Because, imagine if I can fulfill and realize one of my early dreams by my 17 year old self, well that story, that visual representation as a revolutionary guitar shape and sound, and the music it creates will not only fulfill the rest of my dreams, it will help fulfill your dreams as well.  At the very least, you can live this dream vicariously through Kickstarter with me.

Soon, here will be a LINK to print your own A-WildCat full-scale

Crowd-fund here “I Backed A-WildCat”