Amazon Inspired Video Game Events on YouTube & Twitch

Please take a moment to leave a reply and hit the post comment button and tell me what you think of our video game content.  And thank you.  This way we can shape the unfolding of our video game to best suit your environment and input.

There are a couple of events we would love to have you become more aware of.


THUNDER Video Game 3D Device Model’s Revealed, Amazon Lumberyard Video Game Engine Confirmed

As promised here is the link to the YouTube reveal of our video game:

This is the best of our THUNDER Video Game Device Reveal (enhanced and re-mastered) from our three live broadcast events blended back into one video for your enjoyment.  There is a lot of raw content scattered here (answers, background, gameplay, stories, future plans, etc.). Consume with care! 😀



Saturday, Feb 25th at 2 PM Pacific


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Saturday we have an event coming up.

(1) [Theme Song] Revealing of our greatest song, our first game song “Prince of Thunder” reimagined.

(2) [Throne Wars gameplay] Revealing our new triple throne system (so teams can work together to capture faster)

(3) [Raffles] Steam game prizes for the winners.

(Bonus) [Collector’s Item] One lucky winner will get a signed copy of the theme song lyrics.


Together we are spreading the word, it’s important, as this broadcast is bringing everything together (you, gamers, and developers while revealing our game).

Thank you for your time, energy and enthusiasm.


Robert Strutin

IMU Studios

Game Designer & Producer of THUNDER Throne Wars, ‘the video game where all players win’.


Additional Insight from broadcasting from the start of development

We learned a lot during this first stream, and I am very happy we exposed ourselves early.  It was a lot of overly positive comments that were like eating too much icing on the cake, great but all the happy comments don’t shape the experience much (just good for the ego and knowing we are hitting a needed nail on the head!)

But the tough questions about the device rarity, and while I thought that not being “pay to win” was the most important element to reveal.  People actually did want the devices to become better so that there was a foundational reason they become more valuable over time.  This is great and I have already sorted that out and added the solutions as a video tag to the end of the event video (also discovered later that these solutions were already present in our design documents). Now we have it sorted and it fits into the design flow naturally and we will now have a deeper reason and design to answer these questions going forward.

Note: People questioned releasing on Twitch as a game platform [instead of Steam] (so that is something we need to overcome by doing it and promote the others who are using Twitch as well).

How could you aid us in promoting Twitch as an upcoming game release platform?