Live Twitch Event the future of games! The future of economics? How to fix both with gamers and fresh game design.

Dear Amazon!

Before we have had time to formally introduce ourselves, we felt we would love to invite you to our first event.  While you won’t see us on Amazon Lumberyard there quite yet, rest assured these beautiful 3D models we are revealing will make an appearance in our video game on Lumberyard in the future!

We are following Amazon’s and Twitch’s advice and broadcasting our development at a very early stage.

Come, hang out with us, say hello, let us know you are there and tell us what you think.  We think this is the greatest game to ever be conceived… and now, finally, we are beginning to develop the new version.

You have never seen anything like this before.  We hope it hits 100% of your hot buttons.  We want Amazon to be the first to see this, so we are inviting you directly.

About the live broadcast event

When: The event will take place Saturday, February 4th at 2 PM Pacific

Why: we will be promoting our first live broadcast event to showcase our video game development in a live interactive video game reveal with 3D Artist Henrique Carvalho.

What: We will be revealing early THUNDER video game development of our 3D Devices that Henrique and Robert have been working on.

How: animated and still photographic video of 3D models that reveal our new virtual goods rarity system.  Henrique and Robert will be talking about the game and these models while broadcasting live on Twitch.

Where: Twitch! (follow now) Make sure to ‘Follow’ my live stream now on Twitch so you will get the notification when we go live!

Who: Game Producer/Designer Robert Strutin, 3D Modeler Henrique Carvalho from IMU Studios presented by iPlayMore Games and Music.

Listen: This broadcast will also feature our original video game music.  Discover the rich history of these models as I tell our developmental stories.

If you know others, like gamers, game developers, co-workers or music lovers who would benefit from this project event, please be encouraged to share this blog post along.

Thank you for your time and interest in this refreshing project.

Robert Strutin

PS: If you miss this special event, we’ll post an enhanced remastered version later on YouTube (link to follow at a later date).