Saturday Video Game Reveal Event

Saturday, Feb 25th at 2 PM Pacific
Where: https://twitch.tv/vindacator
Action: FOLLOW to get notification when we go live
Earn: !Manna when you follow and watch live, use !Manna to buy items (that increase in rarity and value) when our game comes out, even sell them for real money.

Saturday we have an event coming up.
(1) [Theme Song] Revealing of our greatest song, our first game song “Prince of Thunder” reimagined.
(2) [Throne Wars gameplay] Revealing our new triple throne system (so teams can work together to capture faster)
(3) [Raffles] Steam game prizes for the winners.

(Bonus) [Collector’s Item] One lucky winner will get a signed copy of the theme song lyrics.

We hope to see you at our next event! Keep spreading the word, it’s important as this broadcast is bringing it all together (gamers, developers, our partners and our game).

Robert Strutin
IMU Studios
Game Designer & Producer of THUNDER Throne Wars, “the video game where all players win!”