Video Game Music

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The video game THUNDER is in development, and there is a large pool of music building for you.

EDM Dub Step songs from our THUNDER Video Game with these titles: Transcendence, Rapturous, Mystical, Fervent, Radiant, Manifest, Intense, Inhabit, Bliss, Astral, Venerated, Vindicated, Dark Be Dark, Supernatural, Exhibition, Spectator, Premonition, Action, Entranced, Phenomenal, Paradox, Spin, Reality, Astounding, Zeal, Brilliant, Ecstatic, Elated, Excited, Awesome, Gorgeous, Rhapsodic, Excellence, Royal, Miraculous and Fabulous. More songs coming! All Music is copyright the year it is released, 100% owned and created by Robert Strutin who owns all copyrights, licensing rights, broadcast rights and reproduction rights.

There are subsonic frequencies and deep sinking sounds going into the music, so it’s best to listen to this on a great set of headphones that produce bass frequencies and/or a great set of stereo speakers with a sub speaker attached. This way all of this video game play emotion comes through. Now all these songs in my broadcast are quiet so I can talk over them, so to hear the full versions go to

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